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Victory X5 #NaNoWinner2017

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December 5, 2017 · 8:22 pm

Writer Earns Fifth Year Victory as #NaNoWinner2017

Good Evening!  Victory!  I finished my fifth 30-day novel challenge a winner!  #NaNoWinner2017  –  Yay!  My intent going into this year’s NaNoWriMo challenge was Conflict! Conflict! Conflict! My characters performed well!  I must say that I felt emotionally exhausted after this year’s journey. Lol.  I wondered what I would learn about my writing at the end of this journey…my list is too long to include in this short post. However, I do want to share one of the valuable lessons I learned about myself.  I relaxed my mind to the point that my characters were saying and doing things that I would never, ever, have considered doing or saying on paper or in any manner. There were times I wanted to give up because I thought I wasn’t being authentic. Then I went back to Mr. Walter Mosley‘s book – This Year You Write Your Novel – that I used as my vicarious teacher this year –  and I following his instructions, I did not stop the show!  — I let my characters continue to stretch beyond my comfort zone. Whilst they did, I cringed and yelled and cried….”Why did you say that to her?” and “What are you thinking! Who does that!” – “Yikes!” I wanted conflict, and my amazing characters gave me exactly what I asked for! Occasionally, I had to abandon my pages, take a walk, remind myself of my goal “Conflict!” and give myself permission to revisit my conflict-ridden characters again….until, I reached “The End”…and then….I smiled!  This year’s amazing cast of characters taught me to never stick with the status quo – instead, push myself! I did! I am very pleased with the outcome!  (c) 2017 Daily Writer Girl

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