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Writer Shares Exercise To Increase Authenticity

Good evening! Today I was inspired by an observation of a few people attempting to match themselves to a fictional character…some chose characters in a movie, others chose a cartoon character, one choose a picture of an item they enjoy. I found this to be very intriguing. The writer in me wanted to dig deeper and question each for more details that led to their choice. I label this observance as a lesson in self-efficacy (your perception of yourself). This always happens in my observation of people I happen to know — the person they see themselves to be does not match the person they are displaying to the world — they are experiencing dissonance (a deep disconnect) — the sad part of such  an observation is that they have not realized it yet – the reason this is sad is because realization precedes change – the type of realization that comes over your body when your internal light bulb shifts to “ON!” –  Such observations are great for my writing because I gain another great opportunity to discuss authenticity. I love this topic! Allow me to share another great lesson that my wise and wonderful grandmother taught me at a very young age about “being true to myself”. She encouraged me to carve time, at the end of each day, to stare at myself in the mirror (No, not for the sake of vanity.) to perform an exercise in silence and connection. The connection was to my soul – the test was, in my grandmother’s words, “If, when you look in the mirror at the end of the day, you can recognize yourself – you were true to yourself throughout the day! However, if you cannot recognize the person staring back at you – you ‘allowed’ someone or something to distract you from being true to yourself.” — I have practiced this exercise as far back as my memory will take me — my grandmother’s word have proven to be true for many years. Please feel free to utilize this wise lesson to connect with your own soul at the end of each day. I cannot say it enough….the better you know yourself — the more you practice being authentic – you will surely reap the benefit of becoming a stronger writer.


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