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Join Writer In “Connect The Dots” Exercise

Good afternoon! “Connect the dots!” Steve Jobs shares knowledge with us in his commencement address, “You cannot connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward. So you have to trust that dots will somehow connect in your future”(Jobs”You’ve Got To Find What You Love”)(1). Ah! I agree – I too cannot imagine it being possible to connect the dots looking forward. But, I like a challenge! – I invite you to join me in an exercise – to test his words – Here goes! Find a quit corner and a blank sheet of paper (or screen) and join me…

Step 1 РList three life events of your past Рwith at least six month interval between each event.

Step 2 – List three future events you have on your calendar – the time span between events do not matter.

Step 3 – Write a paragraph on each of the events from your past – as you actually experienced them.

Step 4 – Write a paragraph on each of the future events on your calendar. Remember to write only facts of what you experienced first-person.

Step 5 – Practice mapping the past events to today. Did they connect?

Step 6 – Practice mapping today to the future events you listed. Did they connect?

Take a brief break to complete the exercise before you read further–

Finished with exercise? Great! What was your outcome? Here’s mine — I experienced difficulty in completing Step 4 and 6 – Since I have not actually experienced any of these events yet – I have no idea if the events will come to fruition. The only facts I could list were generic information of the events – that too, is not a guarantee. I was unable to connect because I found no concrete first-hand experience of the future – only a vision that, although I am confident it will happen – I cannot be certain. However, I found the past details to be crystal clear and experienced the dots connecting – while shaking my head in unison with keying of the ¬†events. After connecting the dots looking backward, the experience of the events mapped perfectly to where I am today. Wow! Test confirmed! Would love to hear your outcome of the exercise.

(1) Jobs, Steve. “You’ve Got To Find What You Love,’ Jobs says. “Text of Steve Jobs’ Commencement Address (2005). Stanford University, 14 June 2005. Web. 12 October 2015.


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