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Journal Writing Resolves Character Conflict In 2016

Paperblanks Old Leather Journal Midi 5In. X 7In.Good evening! Daily writing in a journal is great exercise for many writers. January is a great time to start a new journal. I decided to share my post written at the beginning of last year because I feel very inspired when I write about my journal. My journal is my favorite daily book. When I journal, I feel like I am entering the safety of an emotional cocoon, which allows me to shut off all my filters, and knock down all my defensive walls — leaving pure, honest, and raw words to flow across the pages of my journal. When I arrive at the end of my journal entry, I am always amazed at the results of allowing myself to be vulnerable to what my true emotions reveal to me through the journal process. Have you ever had one of those writing days of attempting to complete a scene — and it feels as though you (author) and your character are in direct conflict — which results in your deleting and rewriting the scene’ over-and-over’ again, as you (author) face difficulty in identifying what the conflict is? This is a perfect time to take a ‘journal break’; if you are willing to allow yourself to be exposed emotionally, then you may be able to reveal what the conflict is by the end of your journal exercise. Identifying the conflict will bring you much inspiration and encouragement to revisit the scene, resolve the conflict and watch your character perform with excellence as the scene unfolds. I invite all of you amazing writers to challenge yourself to such a journal exercise on a regular basis and observe how much inspiration it brings to your daily writing. Tell me how you recently resolved a character conflict?




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