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Planting Writing Seeds in 2016 For Increase In Results

Good morning! Planting writing seeds in 2016. I want to increase exposure to my writing in 2016. My seed is everything I happen to WRITE in 2016. My writing GOAL is to MEASURE my YIELD.  I begin 2016 in reflection on my positive writing results from last year that show my potential for writing growth. I am going to water that potential all year in every aspect of my writing.  I enjoy a challenge! It is in the process of a challenge that I see the greatest growth for myself. My very own experience and my observance of the process is the same with each challenge – the beginning, “Oh, what was I thinking!” The middle – “I don’t know if I can get through this – it’s proving to be difficult for me! – I want to quit – but, wait, I am not a quitter! – I want to see where this challenge will take me! – I must keep going to learn the results!” The end result is 99% the same, “I am very glad that I did NOT quit because I learned a valuable lesson from this challenge! – I am very pleased with my results!”  A challenge should push you to put forth ‘effort’ to complete it! Webster defines “effort: 1 the use of energy to do something 2 a try: attempt 3 a result of working or trying.” If there is NO effort then your results will not be accurate because it means that you didn’t push yourself enough. What does that mean? It means that you have to KNOW where you are before you start the challenge – mentally & physically – mark that spot! Your challenge should be – at a minimum – a mark above where you are at the beginning of the challenge. This mark will be the result of your writing growth.  Your time is valuable – you do not want to reach the end of your challenge only to discover that your writing is the same or less than when you started. Have fun planting writing seeds in 2016.


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