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Question: Does Your Writer VOICE Define You?

Good afternoon! Does your VOICE define you? My post today is a reflection of a recent experience – I hope to start a conversation – at a minimum, I want to share my experience because I wonder how other writers respond to such disappointment. Here goes…I waited patiently – and with much anticipation – for my turn to read the newest release by my favorite author. This author’s opening was the same, I took this as the ‘green light’ to get really cozy. I cleared the space in my time and heart to get lost in this release. Oh my, was I disappointed! A few pages into this new release, I recognized such a change that it forced me back to the front cover to reassure myself that I read the author’s name correctly.  I kept repeating, “Something is very different with this book! Who is this author! This is NOT the author I know!” It was very difficult to stick with this book – I began to scan the pages – searching for the VOICE I loved and have been following for many years. I could not find the VOICE I knew so well. My patience  decreased the deeper I delved into the scanned pages – my scan became a skip of pages. “Nothing! – It is NOT here! – It’s gone! This is a new VOICE! I do not feel a connection to this new dance these words are executing on these pages!” Finally, I reached the end of this disappointing story.  I almost abandoned this novel multiple times – but I did not – It was LOYALTY only that kept me turning the pages. Notice it kept me turning – NOT reading! I was relieved to reach the end of this novel. Usually when I reach the end of one of this author’s books, I allow myself time to reflect on the story. Not this time – I felt a high degree of disappointment – Granted, I only actually digested about one-third of this novel. Never-the-less, I felt it was wasted time! Now I am pondering…”Hmm…is my favorite author loosing their VOICE – OR – Are they simply trying something NEW – Or – Maybe my preference is changing …” Here’s my point – I allowed myself to get attached to the consistent VOICE this author showed in many of their successful books. Clearly, I understand how I became attached. Their VOICE produced stories that I connected with. I  defined this author by their consistent VOICE. This experience has forced me to research VOICE in writing. I am now curious – How would you handle your favorite author changing their VOICE? Do you define yourself, as an author, by your VOICE?



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Question: Who Are You and Why Should I Read What You Write?

Good morning! Who are you and why should I read what you write? Let’s get inside the mind of a reader this morning. I have no idea why I woke up thinking about this question. – I am guessing that I must have dreamed something that correlates to this question but I cannot remember the dream. Though I did capture this lingering question that’s been holding my attention for a few hours. Writers can certainly associate with this question because, after all, we are also avid readers. As a reader we have likes and dislikes, preferences, and standards. Therefore, we have, at some point in our reading history, asked this very same question that is stored somewhere in the depths of our subconscious standing attention as we are selecting the words of another writer to allow to carve out time and pour their words into our mind. Which means that process of chosing what we allow to enter our mind must be important to us. Anything important to us, as a writer, is universally understood to be, likewise, important to our readers. We may not be able to reach every single reader on the globe – but we will reach the readers who value what our written point of view is – in that piece – because we put a ‘reality touch’ on the story. I strongly believe that if we view our writing through this lens, we have the opportunity to increase the chances of a reader stumbling across our piece and saying, “That’s important to me too! I want to hear what this writer is saying about it!” The reader decides to carve out time to read our piece and they learn who this writer is. If the reader likes the piece a lot – Viola’ – chances are high the reader will search for another piece of our work. And if we are truly blessed to have touched their heart with our piece – chances are high that they will share our piece with another reader, thus,  we will become recognized to our loyal readers as a writer who values something that is important to them. Thus their question will have been answered – they will know who we are and they will know why they want to read what we write. Happy writing!

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