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A Writer’s QUIET Space

Good evening! My QUIET space! What environment allows you to go DEEP into your writing – I mean that ZONE where nothing else in the world matters but the words swimming in your head, the blank page, and your imagination! I can complete research and capture observances in public spaces surrounded by unique background sounds that include multiple conversations, transportation, nature. I can complete a blog post and I can complete a journal page in these open, sound-filled spaces too – sometimes. But, when I am ready to take care of WRITING business – I must have absolute Silence! What does that mean? No TV – No music, No walking, No running, No chatter, No whispers, No sneezing, No coughing, No snoring – Pure Silence! Yes, I do realize that I can’t have this PERFECT, sound-free, environment ALL the time – and neither is it necessary ALL the time. But when I am done with research and capturing observances I want to include in a piece – that is the moment I escape into this ZONE – I enter my QUIET space to go DEEP into my thoughts. In my QUIET space – I feel such a connection to my words. In my QUIET space – My Imagination and the WORDS mesh – performing a delicate dance along the beautiful white space that was once a blank page. In my QUIET space – my characters and I unite! In my QUIET space – my writing soul is at peace! In my QUIET space – my creativity has no boundaries.


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