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Writer Observes Value In Seasons

Good evening. Seasons are Innovative! Notice how many industries follow seasons – in some manner: In the writing industry – we follow seasons of annual book festivals, fairs, contests, promotions and novel-writing challenges as thousands of writers prepare all year to devote 30 days of our life to writing a first draft novel; in the clothing industry – designers and clothing stores spend an entire year presenting lines of fashion to keep customers covered in style each season;  in the wedding industry – wedding planners help loving couples prepare for a season that has been deemed the most popular time of year to host their fabulous day! Yes, seasons are valuable! Seasons can serve as our compass to determine if we are going in the right direction – This is very valuable! “Why is this valuable?” – because if we WANT success in our chosen industry – we must prepare for and exercise ACTIVE engagement in each season of our industry.  This ACTIVE engagement allows us to keep learning – there is always MORE to learn! As we gain more knowledge, we become BETTER! It’s a common desire in all industries – the yearning to be BETTER!


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