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Protecting Values In A Competitive Writing Market

Good afternoon! What do you stand for? This question is very valuable to me! If my work is not congruent with my values – I can feel it! I pause and rewind to evaluate how those words landed on the page – the ones that do NOT match my values. Needless to say –  I have become good friends with the delete key. Lol. I cannot send a piece of work out into the void unless it matches my values! I realize that I am sheltering my creativity – but I am gaining something much more valuable in the process of protecting my values. I once observed an elementary student share with an audience of parents how they protect their values daily. The courage this young student displayed filled my heart with joy. When our standards are a part of our core values then every decision we make, each day, is matched against them  – from what we decide to wear – to what we choose to pour into our minds – to who we allow into our personal space – to the issues we choose to keep our voice silent versus the issues we must speak and write to allow our voice to be heard.  My research has proven the writing market to always be competitive because we all have incredible stories to share – it’s always been a matter of whom we can persuade to believe in our story as much as we do! Today’s market is more competitive because we have the benefit of more mediums to display our great work, thus many more choices for readers to decide which they will devote their time. Will you decrease your standards to win a reader? Or will you wait patiently for the reader who is searching for a writer with solid standards that match their values? I am curious to know how you protect your values, in today’s writing market?


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