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Writer Attempts 30-Day Novel Writing Challenge for Sixth Consecutive Year

Good Evening!  It’s that time of year again! National Novel Writing Month – NANOWRIMO – On November 1st at 12:00am my fingers will be glued to my keyboard, as I attempt the NANOWRIMO challenge of writing a 50,000 word count novel in just 30 days for my sixth (6th) consecutive year!  Each year, at this exact point in time, I ask myself this same question, “Okay, why I am attempting NANOWRIMO again this year?”  And, yes, each year I laugh at myself as I answer back – “…because I cannot NOT do this! NANOWRIMO is in my soul!”  Actually, by ‘actively’ participating in NANOWRIMO for the past five (5) consecutive years – I’d like to share just three of the benefits I have gained:

1) NANOWRIMO has given me the confidence to DECLARE myself “A Writer!” –

2) NANOWRIMO has made me a better writer by allowing me to build a strong foundation for my stories!

3) NANOWRIMO has allowed me to ‘grow’ in my writing skills, by enhancing the range – depth that I can go with character development!

I feel joyful as the calendar gets closer to November 1st, knowing that I will be joined by over 300,000 writers around the globe, who will be taking this same challenge!  To all of my fellow writers, I have faith that each of us has the ability to cross the Winner’s line!  Much success to each of you!  Happy Writing!

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Writing Daily Results in Winner of 30-Day Novel Challenge

Good evening! I DID IT! 60293 WORDS IN 30 DAYS! What an AMAZING way to complete a 30-Day novel writing challenge by exceeding the goal I set for myself.  I refused any distractions to stay on track to claim this prize – #NaNoWinner2015 – the progress I have made in year 3 is the result of writing daily all year. Being a winner of this 30-Day challenge validates my writing ability. Being a winner AND exceeding my goal of 55000 words is evidence of how much I loved my characters in this year’s novel. They began to challenge me in Scene 1 and continued to challenge me all the way to “THE END” and I loved every minute of it! They kept me on my toes – when I wanted to go in one direction – especially one character – always wanted to take me down another path…all I could say was, “You’re leading and I am following – I have no clue where you are trying to take me but I am along for the journey! And at the end of the story – I applaud each of my characters – especially the one who took me around curves and over mountains (metaphorically speaking, of course). I began this story with a seed of an idea – I ended my story transformed into a better person with a new perspective on life – who knew that my characters in this novel would have such an impact on me! This has been a very valuable 30-Day challenge for my writing and my life! It truly is a new day for me!




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Writer Enjoying Characters in 30-Day Novel Challenge

Good evening! 18,500 out of 55,000 on Day 10….and still counting. Just wanted to take a brief break to say “Hello!” to each November novel writer around the globe. I am sure you all are having just as much fun as I with your amazing characters. My idea is truly growing into an amazing story that leaves me smiling at the end of each day! I have fallen in love with my characters – they make me laugh, yell, and cry! I am truly enjoying this 30-day journey with them. It will be difficult to let go – with only twenty more days to tango with my charming characters that are making this year’s challenge worth every minute I invest. I am enjoying the dance (writing). Enjoy the remainder of our 30-Day challenge. That’s all for now…my characters are calling! Off I go…back to writing!

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Writer Motivated By Community To Begin 30-Day Novel Challenge

Good morning! 21.50 hours before we let our imagination create characters who will find a home on our blank pages. I’m guessing that anticipation must be growing strong inside each novel writer around the globe! It is wonderful to be part of such an amazing community of writers. I feel motivated knowing that all of our amazing brains will begin working hard toward a common goal in November. Growing a seed of an idea into a full story. The process, alone, of taking this courageous challenge will transform our lives forever! I have no clue what I am about to discover on this creative journey within the next 30 days – but I have full faith that the outcome will amaze me! Much success to each of you!

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Distraction Responses To Protect Time During 30 Day Novel Writing Challenge

Good afternoon! Divert Distractions! I want to offer encouragement to all fellow November novel writers to protect your time as we embark  on this amazing 30 day challenge. There will be many distractions – phone calls, dishes, laundry, errands, newly released books, the list has no ending – now, with 58 hours left to start the writing madness – I want to encourage you to plan your divergence strategy with me. Let’s practice a few responses to some distractions that may arise as an attempt to lead us astray from our chair and keyboard for 30 days of November. Here’s a few:

“Not now, I am only 500 words shy of my daily goal!”

“Oh, did I forgot to inform you that I selected you as my chore replacement for the next 30 days!” 

“Give me these 30 days, and I am yours for the next 335!”

“I cannot! – Why? Because my butt is literally glued to this chair for the next 30 days! Seriously!” (This one is my favorite!)

“I will eat – if you will feed me – while I keep my fingers on this keyboard!”

“Did I forget to send that urgent memo to the famous coffee shop requesting to keep their stores open for 24 hours in November?”

“Hello, You have reached the voice mail of a novel writer, I am unavailable to take any calls for  the next 30 days. I will return all calls after November 30th. If this is an emergency, please make it wait until after November 30th. Thank you for calling!”

“Do not disturb! In the process of writing a great novel!”

I would love to hear some of your prepared responses to divert the distractions that will surface in November.

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Writer Selects Best Motivation for 30 Day Novel Challenge

Good evening! “Always give your absolute best!” These are the words my mother encouraged me to strive towards in all of my endeavors. I remember how she stressed this point in our conversations, “there is never a time to NOT do your absolute best”. Of course, It took years to comprehend what she meant. Obedience to her instructions sure served me well until I finally reached comprehension of her wise advice.  Allowing her words to echo in my mind is very important to me at this stage — because I am 72.25 hours away from writing a 55,000 word count novel in 30 days…..I have selected her words to serve as my motivation on this amazing novel challenge. Yes, I intend to repeat her words daily – as her words will be the force that will motivate me to keep writing when my fingers begin to ache – as I know they will! How do I know this? Because I plan to keep them glued to my keyboard for the 30 consecutive days of the challenge. My goal is to break my own record – to end with a higher word count than any of my previous years. When Day 30 comes to a close I will be able to say, with certainty, “I gave my absolute best!”  

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