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Writer Motivated to Rise Above the Status-Quo with Novel

Good morning! I want different results – so I am going to do something differently! I’ve tried this strategy in many areas of my life for years — this year I am going to apply this strategy to my novel. The past two years of completing a novel – I aimed for the winning goal of 50,000 word count. This year I have decided to increase my word count by 5,000 words. I know it’s not much – but it is enough to push me beyond my comfort zone of 50,000 words in 30 days. Why am I making this investment in my novel? Because I am passionate about personal development. Another benefit of my perfectionism is that it pushes me to look at my previous achievements and ask myself – “Can you do better than your last performance?” – when I can confidently answer, “Yes! I believe that I can make progress!” –  my mind kicks into a higher gear motivating me to rise above the status-quo. I have noticed that extraordinary people do not settle for the status-quo! Thomas Edison – The light bulb was not his first – nor his last – invention. He rose above the status-quo in his field! Ernest Hemingway – The Old Man And The Sea was not his first – nor his last – book. He rose above the status-quo, too, in the writing industry! I could list many more extraordinary individuals who have a common trait of making continuous progress in their field–I want to follow their pattern. Therefore, I, too, shall rise above the status-quo in my strategy of writing my next novel. I want to pacify this desire to improve on my previous achievement – allowing myself to try new techniques that will result in progress. 


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