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Writer Selects Best Motivation for 30 Day Novel Challenge

Good evening! “Always give your absolute best!” These are the words my mother encouraged me to strive towards in all of my endeavors. I remember how she stressed this point in our conversations, “there is never a time to NOT do your absolute best”. Of course, It took years to comprehend what she meant. Obedience to her instructions sure served me well until I finally reached comprehension of her wise advice.  Allowing her words to echo in my mind is very important to me at this stage — because I am 72.25 hours away from writing a 55,000 word count novel in 30 days…..I have selected her words to serve as my motivation on this amazing novel challenge. Yes, I intend to repeat her words daily – as her words will be the force that will motivate me to keep writing when my fingers begin to ache – as I know they will! How do I know this? Because I plan to keep them glued to my keyboard for the 30 consecutive days of the challenge. My goal is to break my own record – to end with a higher word count than any of my previous years. When Day 30 comes to a close I will be able to say, with certainty, “I gave my absolute best!”  


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