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Writer Supports 50 Years of Amazing Football

Good afternoon! Countdown – Six Hours to 50 years of Football Madness! Oh yeah, it’s that time of year again – 50 amazing years of bonding on the football field! I will be watching the BIG GAME today – “…she says as she controls the tear attempting to escape her eye – as her team did NOT make it, yet, again! Yep, I am hopeful that next year my team will be on the field!” Nevertheless,  I am a fan of this AMAZING sport – and I, too, have chosen a side for today’s showdown to begin in only six hours EST.  Let’s support the great, amazing, game of FOOTBALL! Oh…and it’s ok to write during half-time! LOL. Enjoy the game, my fellow writers!



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Writer Inspired By Increased Communication Methods

Good evening! Today, my writing is inspired by my observation of how family communication has shifted from pre-internet era and how this shift has affected our current family dynamics in my writing content. Webster defines connect as – “1 to join, link, or fasten together, unite or bind. 2 to establish communication between”. I want to dissect this definition and focus on the verb – communicate – “1 to impart knowledge of; make known 2 to give to another.” Keeping these terms in mind, let us examine the communication methods we used prior to the onset of the social aspect of the internet. We used landline telephones and face-to-face visits. These methods of communication allowed us to use our sense of touch, sight, and sound when we engaged with each other, all of which lead to forming a special bond. Fast forward to the introduction of social media on the internet and smart phones – increasing our communication options tremendously.  I have noticed that the stronger bonds tend to still utilize the communication methods that incorporate the sense of touch – which the internet has yet to replace – while also utilizing all of these new tools. The discovery of this shift has allowed me to increase my dialogue skills.  I can assist my characters attempt to communicate with their family via many more channels now, which truly enriches their dialogue. This knowledge also lends weight to my writing ability to differentiate the depth of the connections. Yes, I do recognize that many people, including myself, since the growth of social networking, are in constant debate over the pros and cons of which form of communication is richer. It is clear that this heated debate will continue for many years to come. In the meantime, current issues are always great subject matter to weave into my stories – thus, enriching my writing content. Family dynamics is an issue that is important both on and off the pages. Most matters related to family inspire me – I dared not allow this observation to slip past my writer’s eye.

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