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Writer Chooses Walter Mosley’s Book as Guide For Novel Challenge Month

Good Evening!  “When the student IS ready – the teacher WILL appear!” This year I decided to look for new inspiration to help me stay motivated during my fifth year novel-writing-journey.  My search lead me to a new teacher. Whilst browsing the stacks at my favorite library – I stumbled upon a book by an author I never read before, This Year You Write Your Novel, by Walter Mosley – This book was published in 2007 – at which time Mr. Mosley had written 25 books and multiple articles. This student is ready to learn from an author with a body of work such as his.  I have taken pages of notes, already….Ah, I am highly impressed by this author’s writing style in the examples he provides throughout the book. The instructions he is providing are, likewise, AMAZING!  We have 3 hours, 24 minutes, and 3 seconds left before NaNoWriMo begins…just enough time to run to your nearest Barnes and Noble – or – Half Price Books and purchase your copy too.  This Year You Write Your Novel is a powerful – but easy read – 102 pages – “less than 25,000 words” – size 12 font makes it easy on the eyes too.  Once you get your hands on this book, take a peek at his example on character development – pages 43-44 – I promise it will inspire you too! In fact, I want to read the entire story about ‘Bob‘ after I finish writing my novel. Lol.  This year I choose Mr. Walter Mosley to be my teacher, vicariously, as he guides me via his book, This Year You Write Your Novel. I feel strongly, with this book as my guide,  I will have a richer first-draft novel. Let’s win this year’s writing challenge!

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Tea Time Becomes Treasured Moment for Writer

Good evening! How do you know if you like something….unless….you try it!  How many times does one hear this line in a lifetime? Endlessly! I allowed myself to embrace this opportunity, recently, with my amazing daughter-in-law! Allow me to share…my daughter-in-law can prepare nearly any meal – or drink – with amazing results. She did it again recently….listen to how charming she is:

Amazing Daughter-In-Law: “Would you like to join me in a cup of tea?”

Me: “I am not a fan of tea! I’ve tried tea before and never took to liking it.”

Amazing Daughter-in-law: “Will you try MY tea…I believe you’ll like the way I prepare MY tea…I add a few special things to MY tea! You’ll be so happy you tried it!”

Me: “Of course!”

C’mon………who says “No!” to an amazing daughter-in-law?? Not me! —

—– Whilst the tea is being preparing….allow me to share a comparison….this reminds me of those times when someone says “You’ve gotta read this book!” -but –  It happens not to be the genre you enjoy reading — so….what does one do? I usually ask tons of questions to encourage them to persuade me on taking a chance to invest my time in this book they are suggesting – I am always amazed when I find someone who can deliver a summary of their suggested book as though they knew the author personally. Anyone, who displays such strong passion about their suggested book, usually, wins me over.

My daughter-in-law displayed much confidence in the method of her preparation of this tea – she, too, won me over!

Results —Ahhh….she was correct! I was very happy that I tried it! — Because….I loved it!!  The smell and taste of the tea my daughter-in-law prepared, transferred me to memories in my home town – A  quaint tea shop that I would visit and have fabulous desert with…not tea…but water (because I thought I didn’t like tea).  I spent many days at my claimed cozy table, three windows left of the french doors, and directly in front of the faux fire-place that emitted faux flames, to enjoy during any season.  I loved this place! – I would sit in this spot, solo, for hours – writing in my journal.

The memory was so special! – And the tea was very delicious! Yes, I even asked for a second cup of tea!

This “tea time” was a moment that I will treasure! She shared her special recipe and converted me to a tea drinker…I look forward to many more of these special moments!

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Airports Are For Writers

Good evening! Recently I took along a book, that I thought I would read, while visiting the airport – I never opened the book! I am not sure if any writer can ignore such an opportunity to be surrounded with ideas for stories in the continuous activity that abounds at the airport. The airport is a great place to build character profiles also. There are many people from multiple generations – children young enough to be strapped to their parents – to little toddlers – to elementary, middle school, high school, and college students – to brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, mothers, fathers, and grandparents. Some flying solo and some flying in groups. I drifted back to memories of a time when airports were a fun place to visit. I have fond memories of spending quality time with my grandfather at our local airport many Sundays –  sharing a meal in the restaurant and then standing close enough to the runway to watch the planes lift and land. If geography is an area that has you stuck in your story – why not try visiting an airport near your home – find a spot near the schedule board to open your writer’s book and spend a few hours observing the different locations appearing on the board. Notate any other observations that interest you. There is no doubt in my mind that you will leave with your geographic details resolved – along with a few other ideas to add to your story as your creativity gets stirred. When was the last time you visited your local airport with your writer’s book open?

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Writers Have Multiple Research Choices

Good evening! I observed a child, about thirteen years old, having a conversation with their grandmother in a bookstore. Grandmother was reviewing a book on a chosen topic – grandson said, “Grandma, you can “GOOGLE” that, so you don’t have to buy a book about it!” Grandmother responded, “Yes, I know that I can “GOOGLE” anything, but I want to look it up myself!” As a writer – when you want to learn about something – do you (a) ask “GOOGLE” – or – (b) take yourself to a library or book store – walk the aisle – study the title on the shelves – retrieve several titles on your topic from the shelf – compare the data gleaned from each source – choose the content that persuaded you most – borrow or purchase your chosen research tool – return home to conclude your manual research? Writers usually spend a lot of time researching, even small pieces, because we want to verify facts before we publish. Do you engage the librarians at your local library who have a wealth of knowledge? Do you dig deeply into the databases available at the library? We are very fortunate to have so many choices available to help us, as writers, complete our research on any topic.     

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Writers: As Unique As Snowflakes

Good evening! What a day…mourning…cold…snow…ice! Just for the record…I do not like cold weather! However, I cannot deny the beauty and pleasure the snow brings…from snowflakes – to – snowmen! Snowflakes really inspire me – the beautiful shapes and how they glisten as they are falling. I understand the theory to be — “There are no two snowflakes alike!” Think about that for a moment — that makes each snowflake ‘unique‘! As writers, would you not agree, this same theory could apply to us? There are many ways that we (writers) are unique — although we all use many of the same words, that we glean from the same dictionaries, we use such words in a different pattern that defines our unique voice. Each story that we tell to the world is uniquely ours. For instance, two authors can write a book on the exact same subject – The result would be two very different, unique, stories. We would hear reviews stating, “I really like the way “X” told that story on the topic – verses the way “Y” told it. That was very unique!”

With that comparison in mind, the next time you witness snowflakes falling, stop and take a moment to identify the many shapes and to acknowledge how similar you (writer) are to their uniqueness.

Just curious….beauty and uniqueness aside — can someone please tell me how many more days we have until Spring arrives?

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