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Writer Connects Current Behavior To Warm Memory

Good morning! Stories tucked away in our memory can segue into our novel! I have decided to spend the next few days revisiting some of my memories – to gain inspiration as I get closer to writing my next novel. Did you know how connected our memory is to many of the behaviors we perform? Think of something you do every day and ask yourself, “Why do I do this?” Join my journey down memory lane….As far back as my memory serves me – I have warm memories of how much my mother enjoyed a fresh cup of coffee every morning as she eased onto the front porch, retrieved the daily newspaper, relaxed in her favorite seat, engaged me in conversation of current happenings recorded of the previous day events in our community and world, followed by deeper conversations that I treasure. In the colder seasons, our daily ritual moved from the front porch to the dinning table.  One day, as an adult, I decided to have a cup of coffee with our conversation. I kept saying to myself, “This taste awful!”…yet, I continued to drink it because, somehow, sharing that pot of coffee appeared to deepen our bond. I learned how to improve the taste of the awful coffee with tons of sweeteners and grew to enjoy the taste of the coffee (or so I thought). When I moved some distance from my mother, we could no longer enjoy a daily cup of coffee on the front porch – however, every day, as I poured my cup of coffee, the miles vicariously melted between us, allowing us to continue our morning ritual via telephone. I thought I had convinced my brain that I enjoyed awful coffee – my brain reminded me that what I really enjoyed was the memory it provided me of the special time with my mother. You see, unfortunately, when my mother departed this earth, the conversations stopped – the taste of the awful coffee surfaced. I could no longer tolerate it. The memory attached to the coffee changed and reality stared me in the face. Many days I forced myself to drink awful coffee just to gain a glimpse of the past memories of sitting on the front porch and engaging in warm conversation with my mother.  The memory is worth every awful drink of that coffee. Then I discovered Latte’s, I was overjoyed with the ingredients – I have the smallest portion of coffee with the warm milk and my favorite flavor of syrup and now I truly do enjoy the taste of coffee. It is a win/win with each cup because now my taste buds are happy with the flavor and I am happy because I can revisit the memory of my conversations with my mother.


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