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Write Current Blog Content to Survive in Profession

Good morning! “I am a WRITER!” This is how one of the writer’s in a recent workshop introduced themself. It was said with such confidence! I felt proud to be in the presence of a group of writers who love this profession as much as I do! I can remember a time, before the digital era, when people were fearful to declare themself a writer unless they earned a contract with a traditional publisher. The moment someone asks, “What do you do?” Many professions can state their TITLE because the work is common for many JOB titles – the only thing that is common in our profession is the chosen genre – therefore, when we confidently respond, “I am a WRITER!” We better be able to tell them WHAT we are NOW writing or have written very recently! Go ahead and tell them how many blog posts you published this year and how many words you finished by the end of your novel – Yep, that’s right – you have permission to SHINE! Our profession is unique! Have any of you amazing writers noticed how HIGH the expectations are for our profession? Writers cannot ride on yesterday’s accomplishments – we have to keep producing NEW material to be noteworthy. Just like our blog. We have to write a post on our blog on a regular basis or we will be forgotten. Yes, content is King, but we need to have current content or we lose our base. This is an important caveat to the digital era that we must understand and embrace to remain a credible writer. The silver lining to this caveat is that it gives us an edge in the market. We have to remain sharp in today’s writing market because we are surrounded by a very large group of amazing and confident writers around the globe. If we want to survive in today’s digital market – we must utilize our unique writing skill, strategically, by producing current content on our blog.


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Four Key Skills Lead to Original Writing Content

Good evening! Staying focused on a writing project is a challenge! I discovered huge benefits in utilizing these four key skills with each of my writing commitments:

  1. High Self-Esteem: when my self-esteem is HIGH, I have full faith in my writing ability which allows my characters to trust me – this results in high performance from my characters.
  2. Self-Discipline: there are many distractions in the digital arena – as a writer, I had to learn how to turn OFF any distractions that threatened to steal my focus from the project. Just one distraction could steal that one word – or line – that could be the MASTERPIECE in my story. I constantly remind myself that I must keep my eye on the prize – the prize being “THE END”.
  3. Rhythm: Everyone has a high-volume knowledge of words – however, Quantity CANNOT be used solo on this journey – it needs a partner – that partner is DANCING – A writer must know how to make their large volume of words communicate in a manner that resembles dancing – not the kind of dancing where everyone is stepping on each others toes – lol. The kind of dancing that has a smooth rhythm and looks graceful as it is flowing across the stage (page) – telling  a story in a manner that brings on observer (reader) to tears.
  4. Imagination:  Yes, I think we inherit this at birth – however – as a writer, I learned that it is essential to craft this skill in a way that makes a story unique – original – to start with a seed (an idea) and grow it into a full-blown story with — a beginning – a middle – and an end. Experiencing this technique unfold in the mind – is absolutely AMAZING!

When I combine all four of these skills – my finished content feels unique. Would love to hear of the many other combinations that all of you amazing writers use to complete your writing projects.

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Writer Inspired By Increased Communication Methods

Good evening! Today, my writing is inspired by my observation of how family communication has shifted from pre-internet era and how this shift has affected our current family dynamics in my writing content. Webster defines connect as – “1 to join, link, or fasten together, unite or bind. 2 to establish communication between”. I want to dissect this definition and focus on the verb – communicate – “1 to impart knowledge of; make known 2 to give to another.” Keeping these terms in mind, let us examine the communication methods we used prior to the onset of the social aspect of the internet. We used landline telephones and face-to-face visits. These methods of communication allowed us to use our sense of touch, sight, and sound when we engaged with each other, all of which lead to forming a special bond. Fast forward to the introduction of social media on the internet and smart phones – increasing our communication options tremendously.  I have noticed that the stronger bonds tend to still utilize the communication methods that incorporate the sense of touch – which the internet has yet to replace – while also utilizing all of these new tools. The discovery of this shift has allowed me to increase my dialogue skills.  I can assist my characters attempt to communicate with their family via many more channels now, which truly enriches their dialogue. This knowledge also lends weight to my writing ability to differentiate the depth of the connections. Yes, I do recognize that many people, including myself, since the growth of social networking, are in constant debate over the pros and cons of which form of communication is richer. It is clear that this heated debate will continue for many years to come. In the meantime, current issues are always great subject matter to weave into my stories – thus, enriching my writing content. Family dynamics is an issue that is important both on and off the pages. Most matters related to family inspire me – I dared not allow this observation to slip past my writer’s eye.

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Writing Challenge Leads To Growth

Good evening! A common saying in the writing field is, “Write what you know!” Does this method work for you? I tried it – It felt comfortable to “write  what I know” — I will always incorporate this theory into my writing. However, if I had stuck with this message ‘alone’ – I would NOT have given myself permission to take the NANOWRIMO challenge – what a mistake that would have been!  Fortunately, I enjoy challenging myself in all areas of my life, writing included. Frankly, it scares me to stay in my comfort zone too long. Pushing myself beyond my comfort zone to tread in uncharted waters (fiction) – added many benefits to my writing; the depth of my content increased, and my productivity skyrocketed. Surprisingly, I felt more empowered writing what I ‘did not’ know  — my mind was stretched – I grew in every area with my writing. Growth is important to keep my writing current. Such restrictions keep us (writers) from achieving our full writing potential, as this process revealed dormant skills ready to surface and create amazing stories. What writing challenge are you currently pursuing?  


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