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Daily Routine Easier When Discover Writing Zone

Good evening! Writing Zone! November is only 48.25 hours away. Have you developed a writing routine that will allow you to meet your daily goal? Wonderful! For those writers who are trying to resolve how to FIT a novel into your already hectic daily schedule – I would like to share a technique I discovered that literally made writing a novel easier on my schedule. My first attempt – I thought I had no time to develop any type of writing routine to actually successfully complete the challenge – but, somehow, I did it! I’m guessing that many of you are asking the same question I did – How do I develop a daily writing routine with such a full schedule? I promise you it really is not as difficult as it may appear. You can master this challenge with a lesson in self-discovery. It is two simple steps. Step 1 – identify your writing zone. Track your word count as you begin developing your writing routine. Step 2 – Notice the spikes in your word count. Search for sharp increases in your word count and be observant of an easy flow in the rhythm of your story. It is at this perfect intersection that you will discover the pieces you produce to be very productive – they will exude your voice. This is your body’s way of speaking to you – “I like writing NOW!” all of your senses are in sync during this time. It is essential to identify this amazing gift within your 24-hour writing window – then repeat it every day. Experience having an easier writing routine once you discover your writing zone! Have faith in yourself! You can do it! 


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