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Writers Exude Beauty With Words

Good morning! “Beauty is as Beauty Does!” An amazing gift exists for writers – while many in the world search for beauty externally – a writer’s beauty is internal. Our beauty has sustenance. We are very much in love with WORDS! We research words and are very selective in the words we choose. We spend a lot of time with our chosen words – sometimes we get very attached to our chosen words, even to the point that we need consultants to force us to ‘let go’ – really, the bond with our words is ridiculously deep! LOL (Ask any writer!) Why are we so attached to these words – because words are beautiful! Writers can find beauty in any word – from “A”;  “the”; “being”; “knowing”;  “audacious”; “hurt”; “hate”; “lure”;  “deny”; “inspire”; “imagine”, “observe”…..this is just a sample of an infinite list of beautiful words.  Writers embrace this endless list of beautiful words and let their imagination create amazing stories. Here’s a little insight into a writer’s beautiful mind — We are protective of our thoughts because we want to mold them in a manner to show you, our readers, who we are individually. When you read one of our pieces, you have been connected to a very intimate piece of our soul.  This is what makes writers beautiful – our beauty comes from within – not externally. Because within our hearts and souls is an unbreakable bond with beautiful words. SEE the beauty in every writer you have connected with. When you FEEL one of our pieces – you have experienced our beauty! Oh, how our beauty exudes – when we are willing to SHARE our relationship with beautiful words. This special bond with words exudes beauty onto the pages of the pieces we share with you, our lovely readers.  Please share with us…what is your favorite beautiful word?


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