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Writing Challenge Leads To Growth

Good evening! A common saying in the writing field is, “Write what you know!” Does this method work for you? I tried it – It felt comfortable to “write  what I know” — I will always incorporate this theory into my writing. However, if I had stuck with this message ‘alone’ – I would NOT have given myself permission to take the NANOWRIMO challenge – what a mistake that would have been!  Fortunately, I enjoy challenging myself in all areas of my life, writing included. Frankly, it scares me to stay in my comfort zone too long. Pushing myself beyond my comfort zone to tread in uncharted waters (fiction) – added many benefits to my writing; the depth of my content increased, and my productivity skyrocketed. Surprisingly, I felt more empowered writing what I ‘did not’ know  — my mind was stretched – I grew in every area with my writing. Growth is important to keep my writing current. Such restrictions keep us (writers) from achieving our full writing potential, as this process revealed dormant skills ready to surface and create amazing stories. What writing challenge are you currently pursuing?  



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