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3 Key Actions That Increase Writer Motivation

Good Evening! Let’s talk Motivation! As you know, from my previous posts, I am a huge “Zig” fan! Mr. “Ziglar” stated, “Action must precede motivation!” – This lesson he taught me, in listening to his audios for many, many years, has proven to be very valuable.  I thought that ‘motivation’ was a given in life.  If I just wake up and start my day – motivation was sure to follow – NOT!!! – I kept hearing about this “muse” that is supposed to appear to allow me to release my creativity.  An observation I captured when attending a writing event stayed with me – after realizing that it was a common pattern. During the audience response sessions – I kept hearing these same comments echoing – “I am waiting for my ‘muse‘ to appear to begin writing!”  – or – “My ‘muse‘ never showed up, so I didn’t get my story finished!”  – I had to find out, “What – or – who is this ‘muse‘? – Can I hire them?”  – When I concluded my research, I discovered that many people believe that this ‘muse‘ is supposed to magically appear and pour creative powder over writers allowing them to produce masterpieces.  – Okay – “Stop!” First, I don’t believe in ‘muses‘ – the same as I don’t believe in ‘luck‘ – I do believe in hard work! Second, what I learned ties directly to what “Zig” has taught me about Motivation! I believe that everyone has a story inside of them! I also believe that it takes skill and hard work to  – a) identify and b) release – those stories.  In my process of becoming a writer, I have put Mr. “Ziglar’s” lessons to the test – I was pleased with my discovery – I, and more experienced writers than I, apply the same basic daily rules –

3 Simple Key Actions to Motivate A Writer To Get Their Story Onto The Page:

  1. Locate a cozy writing space!
  2. Sit Down with writing tools!
  3. Write! Write! Write!

Each time I apply these 3 Key Actions – my motivation increases. I reject any excuses my daily life attempts to impose on me. I do not wait for any fictional power to appear to give me permission to do what I cannot get through a day without doing anyway – Write!  I request of you amazing writers to tap into your own creative powers – follow the 3 key actions – give in to your increased motivation – and watch how your creativity obeys your actions and allows your great stories to fill those blank white pages!!!!!

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Planting Writing Seeds in 2016 For Increase In Results

Good morning! Planting writing seeds in 2016. I want to increase exposure to my writing in 2016. My seed is everything I happen to WRITE in 2016. My writing GOAL is to MEASURE my YIELD.  I begin 2016 in reflection on my positive writing results from last year that show my potential for writing growth. I am going to water that potential all year in every aspect of my writing.  I enjoy a challenge! It is in the process of a challenge that I see the greatest growth for myself. My very own experience and my observance of the process is the same with each challenge – the beginning, “Oh, what was I thinking!” The middle – “I don’t know if I can get through this – it’s proving to be difficult for me! – I want to quit – but, wait, I am not a quitter! – I want to see where this challenge will take me! – I must keep going to learn the results!” The end result is 99% the same, “I am very glad that I did NOT quit because I learned a valuable lesson from this challenge! – I am very pleased with my results!”  A challenge should push you to put forth ‘effort’ to complete it! Webster defines “effort: 1 the use of energy to do something 2 a try: attempt 3 a result of working or trying.” If there is NO effort then your results will not be accurate because it means that you didn’t push yourself enough. What does that mean? It means that you have to KNOW where you are before you start the challenge – mentally & physically – mark that spot! Your challenge should be – at a minimum – a mark above where you are at the beginning of the challenge. This mark will be the result of your writing growth.  Your time is valuable – you do not want to reach the end of your challenge only to discover that your writing is the same or less than when you started. Have fun planting writing seeds in 2016.

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Writer Learns Process to Increase Word Count

Good evening! I am curious – what is your thought process before you begin a writing episode? I have learned that the answer to this question has a huge impact on word count results. When my thought process is an inspirational observation or memory – I produce a higher word count than when my thought process goes something like this – “I must write s-o-m-e-t-h-i-n-g today!” I use to have many days like that – they mostly resulted in low word count! After I began allowing observations to inspire my writing – I benefited with increased word count! I do not deny that I still have rare days that I default back to the above thought process – thankfully, very rare! This thought process can change many times throughout the day – have you ever reviewed a few pages and thought, “What was I thinking when I wrote that?” When I get sleepy and I, unwisely, finish a piece in progress – I get the pleasure of  humoring myself with the results – because the words that drift onto my pages during a sleepy phase is subconscious thoughts – producing similar results as those that attempt to read my thoughts when I write with my smartphone or word processing program on auto-type mode — I giggle and think, “That is not what I meant to say!” Lol. Of course, I spend more time editing those pieces than I do when I write clear pages from my inspirational observations.

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Define Your “Why” To Increase Daily Word Count

Good evening! Have you defined your “why”? Have you finished this sentence, internally, “I write because ______!” Every action we take is preceded by our thought process. Many of our actions have become routine, leaving us thinking, “I no longer have to put much thought into doing “X”.” Does this sound familiar? Has this happened with your writing process? Imagine that your words are marching around in your head stating to each other, “Hi there, I see that you were invited too. Did you get any instructions on what we are supposed to do now that we are here — because I have no clue! Hmm…I noticed that some of the other words in this room look just as confused as I am — I sure hope whoever invited us here is going to appear soon and give us some instructions!” This could actually be one of the reasons that your word count is low. Attention all writers! You have the ability to increase your daily word count…try this exercise…before you begin your writing process – internalize this statement, “I write because ______!”  Such a statement gives clear instructions to the words you invited to perform in your story. After you state your reason clearly — watch your words line up at your command — willing to land wherever you instruct them, filling your pages.  Get ready to celebrate higher word count!

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