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Writer On A Mission!

Good afternoon! I am on a MISSION! Mission Statement, that is! My research, through the years, has shown successful¬†businesses to have two elements of a common thread: 1) They have a MISSION STATEMENT – 2) They LIVE their MISSION internally from the CEO to the Janitor! It is the businesses that take BOTH elements SERIOUSLY that reap huge BENEFITS! I have decided to follow their successful plan by implementing these TWO ELEMENTS as a WRITER. I am writing a MISSION STATEMENT that will serve as the guiding light for my WRITING – I will LIVE this MISSION in every story that I write! Yes, this is my most recent journey that I have committed to my TO-DO list, to fulfil my 2016 GOAL! Each week I search for a strategy that I have not utilized before with my writing – to push myself to GROW. My writing is “Serious Business” – it only seems logical to view a few angles of successful businesses and apply the same techniques that resulted in their benefits. Most Legends echo the same motto, “Find the people who are doing what you want to do – and follow what they are doing.” ¬†Thus, ‘people’ can be interchangeable with ‘businesses’ – to follow as an example of success. I also like to follow different ‘industries’ to learn new trends they introduce and how I can apply their innovation to my writing. It’s a fun journey!


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