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Writing Challenge Leads To Growth

Good evening! A common saying in the writing field is, “Write what you know!” Does this method work for you? I tried it – It felt comfortable to “write  what I know” — I will always incorporate this theory into my writing. However, if I had stuck with this message ‘alone’ – I would NOT have given myself permission to take the NANOWRIMO challenge – what a mistake that would have been!  Fortunately, I enjoy challenging myself in all areas of my life, writing included. Frankly, it scares me to stay in my comfort zone too long. Pushing myself beyond my comfort zone to tread in uncharted waters (fiction) – added many benefits to my writing; the depth of my content increased, and my productivity skyrocketed. Surprisingly, I felt more empowered writing what I ‘did not’ know  — my mind was stretched – I grew in every area with my writing. Growth is important to keep my writing current. Such restrictions keep us (writers) from achieving our full writing potential, as this process revealed dormant skills ready to surface and create amazing stories. What writing challenge are you currently pursuing?  



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Calendar Choice Exudes Inspiration To Write Daily

Good evening! One of Webster’s definitions for inspiration is “any stimulus to creative thought or action.” Daily, I intentionally observe my surroundings and search for a spark of inspiration to ignite my daily writing episode. My calendar brings me a special dose of inspiration. Therefore, when I set out to choose which calendar I will select to track my year’s journey, I examine the external design for inspiration; sometimes just a beautiful color with simple text of “2015 Planner” inspires me. I open the cover and feel the texture of the pages, as quality paper inspire me to write. Page layout is key to my choice, a weekly format allows me to include daily writing activity in my schedule. Maps, factual data on information that is important to me, quotes, and fonts are the other key elements that lead to my final decision. I selected a deep red, “Barnes & Noble 2015 Desk Diary”, it is a “Literary Datebook” that will keep me inspired each day as I write; it is full of Illustrations of famous authors, short essays, full-color world maps, and a literary quiz all in beautiful fonts and designed in a well-executed layout on each page. Each day I write, I add my word count to my calendar. At the end of the week, I analyze my weekly writing productivity. (Sidebar: This is my personal motivation to work really hard every day to write as many words that will flow – to reward myself when I accomplish excellent results at the end of the week.) Thus, this is the reason that I invest an extensive amount of time into my calendar selection…because it serves as a key tool to inspire me to write daily. Please share with me how you made your final decision to purchase your 2015 calendar…and how it will inspire you to write in 2015?

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