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Observation Improves Writer’s Skills

Good evening! I was reminded today of an observation I made in the fall. A few teenagers were talking and one of them shared with the group, “I really like my mom!” This was a wonderful observation, to me, because she was speaking compassionately about her relationship with her mother without any concerns of how her peers would react…she continued her conversation, elaborating on why she liked her mom and expressed many positive attributes she admired in her mom. I understand why someone might say, “What’s the big deal about a kid saying something nice about their parent?” But, I have had a great opportunity to spend many years with a lot of teenagers, thus, allowing me to observed many of their verbal exchanges – I was able to make a fair comparison — many teens try to avoid their parents at this stage of their life, especially when they are with peers– not her – she was unique and courageous in sharing her feelings. Any parent would have been proud to learn that their child, willingly, shared such positive comments with her friends about them.  I learned a great lesson from my observation that I was able to apply immediately to my writing. The lesson that was most beneficial – was how I learned a lot about her mother without needing to meet her because she described her so well in her expression. After this observation, I applied what I learned from this brave and compassionate child toward my character profiles. I added depth to my descriptions to help my readers get to know more about my characters. My goal is to increase the chance for my reader to bond with my characters.



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