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Four Key Skills Lead to Original Writing Content

Good evening! Staying focused on a writing project is a challenge! I discovered huge benefits in utilizing these four key skills with each of my writing commitments:

  1. High Self-Esteem: when my self-esteem is HIGH, I have full faith in my writing ability which allows my characters to trust me – this results in high performance from my characters.
  2. Self-Discipline: there are many distractions in the digital arena – as a writer, I had to learn how to turn OFF any distractions that threatened to steal my focus from the project. Just one distraction could steal that one word – or line – that could be the MASTERPIECE in my story. I constantly remind myself that I must keep my eye on the prize – the prize being “THE END”.
  3. Rhythm: Everyone has a high-volume knowledge of words – however, Quantity CANNOT be used solo on this journey – it needs a partner – that partner is DANCING – A writer must know how to make their large volume of words communicate in a manner that resembles dancing – not the kind of dancing where everyone is stepping on each others toes – lol. The kind of dancing that has a smooth rhythm and looks graceful as it is flowing across the stage (page) – telling  a story in a manner that brings on observer (reader) to tears.
  4. Imagination:  Yes, I think we inherit this at birth – however – as a writer, I learned that it is essential to craft this skill in a way that makes a story unique – original – to start with a seed (an idea) and grow it into a full-blown story with — a beginning – a middle – and an end. Experiencing this technique unfold in the mind – is absolutely AMAZING!

When I combine all four of these skills – my finished content feels unique. Would love to hear of the many other combinations that all of you amazing writers use to complete your writing projects.


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