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Write Current Blog Content to Survive in Profession

Good morning! “I am a WRITER!” This is how one of the writer’s in a recent workshop introduced themself. It was said with such confidence! I felt proud to be in the presence of a group of writers who love this profession as much as I do! I can remember a time, before the digital era, when people were fearful to declare themself a writer unless they earned a contract with a traditional publisher. The moment someone asks, “What do you do?” Many professions can state their TITLE because the work is common for many JOB titles – the only thing that is common in our profession is the chosen genre – therefore, when we confidently respond, “I am a WRITER!” We better be able to tell them WHAT we are NOW writing or have written very recently! Go ahead and tell them how many blog posts you published this year and how many words you finished by the end of your novel – Yep, that’s right – you have permission to SHINE! Our profession is unique! Have any of you amazing writers noticed how HIGH the expectations are for our profession? Writers cannot ride on yesterday’s accomplishments – we have to keep producing NEW material to be noteworthy. Just like our blog. We have to write a post on our blog on a regular basis or we will be forgotten. Yes, content is King, but we need to have current content or we lose our base. This is an important caveat to the digital era that we must understand and embrace to remain a credible writer. The silver lining to this caveat is that it gives us an edge in the market. We have to remain sharp in today’s writing market because we are surrounded by a very large group of amazing and confident writers around the globe. If we want to survive in today’s digital market – we must utilize our unique writing skill, strategically, by producing current content on our blog.


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