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Tea Time Becomes Treasured Moment for Writer

Good evening! How do you know if you like something….unless….you try it!  How many times does one hear this line in a lifetime? Endlessly! I allowed myself to embrace this opportunity, recently, with my amazing daughter-in-law! Allow me to share…my daughter-in-law can prepare nearly any meal – or drink – with amazing results. She did it again recently….listen to how charming she is:

Amazing Daughter-In-Law: “Would you like to join me in a cup of tea?”

Me: “I am not a fan of tea! I’ve tried tea before and never took to liking it.”

Amazing Daughter-in-law: “Will you try MY tea…I believe you’ll like the way I prepare MY tea…I add a few special things to MY tea! You’ll be so happy you tried it!”

Me: “Of course!”

C’mon………who says “No!” to an amazing daughter-in-law?? Not me! —

—– Whilst the tea is being preparing….allow me to share a comparison….this reminds me of those times when someone says “You’ve gotta read this book!” -but –  It happens not to be the genre you enjoy reading — so….what does one do? I usually ask tons of questions to encourage them to persuade me on taking a chance to invest my time in this book they are suggesting – I am always amazed when I find someone who can deliver a summary of their suggested book as though they knew the author personally. Anyone, who displays such strong passion about their suggested book, usually, wins me over.

My daughter-in-law displayed much confidence in the method of her preparation of this tea – she, too, won me over!

Results —Ahhh….she was correct! I was very happy that I tried it! — Because….I loved it!!  The smell and taste of the tea my daughter-in-law prepared, transferred me to memories in my home town – A  quaint tea shop that I would visit and have fabulous desert with…not tea…but water (because I thought I didn’t like tea).  I spent many days at my claimed cozy table, three windows left of the french doors, and directly in front of the faux fire-place that emitted faux flames, to enjoy during any season.  I loved this place! – I would sit in this spot, solo, for hours – writing in my journal.

The memory was so special! – And the tea was very delicious! Yes, I even asked for a second cup of tea!

This “tea time” was a moment that I will treasure! She shared her special recipe and converted me to a tea drinker…I look forward to many more of these special moments!

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Writer Attached To Treasured Correspondence Method

Good evening! A short stop for a Latte’ and journal break – evolved into a three-hour observation project when I visited a crowded cafe. I scanned every nook and cranny, not one patron escaped my eye, from infant to elder. I was sitting with my writing tools: journal, pen, and Latte’ – I glanced up from my journal to observe my surroundings…it was at that moment that it hit me! I was the only patron in this crowded cafe using, what must now be considered, ‘old-fashioned writing tools’ to complete a journal entry. I’m sure that someone may have felt ‘aged‘ if they were in my shoes, as all the other tables were occupied with laptops, iPads, tablets, and even kids were using “LeapFrog” digital learning devices. I giggled as I embraced my journal and pen because I knew this day was approaching – when I would have to face the reality of long-hand writing – which I love – appears to be creeping onto the “extinction” list. Last year, I discovered that many school districts have already removed ‘cursive writing’ from their curriculum. I could not believe it! Whilst I still enjoy sending hand-written letters, and receiving them. I realized, along with this observation, that I have many associates, whom I have known for years,  yet I have never witnessed their penmanship because all of our correspondence is electronic. Long-hand cursive correspondence is in my genes – My grandmother and I exchanged hand-written letters; as well as my mother and sister. My closest friends and I still correspond via hand-written letters. My aim is to keep this treasured method of correspondence alive – I have resolved that I do not mind being the last person who refuses to abandon hand-written correspondence; yes, even if that means that I may be writing such letters to myself. Lol. When was the last time you sent someone a hand-written letter? (No, cards do not count in this instance. Lol)


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