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Writer Chooses Walter Mosley’s Book as Guide For Novel Challenge Month

Good Evening!  “When the student IS ready – the teacher WILL appear!” This year I decided to look for new inspiration to help me stay motivated during my fifth year novel-writing-journey.  My search lead me to a new teacher. Whilst browsing the stacks at my favorite library – I stumbled upon a book by an author I never read before, This Year You Write Your Novel, by Walter Mosley – This book was published in 2007 – at which time Mr. Mosley had written 25 books and multiple articles. This student is ready to learn from an author with a body of work such as his.  I have taken pages of notes, already….Ah, I am highly impressed by this author’s writing style in the examples he provides throughout the book. The instructions he is providing are, likewise, AMAZING!  We have 3 hours, 24 minutes, and 3 seconds left before NaNoWriMo begins…just enough time to run to your nearest Barnes and Noble – or – Half Price Books and purchase your copy too.  This Year You Write Your Novel is a powerful – but easy read – 102 pages – “less than 25,000 words” – size 12 font makes it easy on the eyes too.  Once you get your hands on this book, take a peek at his example on character development – pages 43-44 – I promise it will inspire you too! In fact, I want to read the entire story about ‘Bob‘ after I finish writing my novel. Lol.  This year I choose Mr. Walter Mosley to be my teacher, vicariously, as he guides me via his book, This Year You Write Your Novel. I feel strongly, with this book as my guide,  I will have a richer first-draft novel. Let’s win this year’s writing challenge!

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Writer On A Mission!

Good afternoon! I am on a MISSION! Mission Statement, that is! My research, through the years, has shown successful businesses to have two elements of a common thread: 1) They have a MISSION STATEMENT – 2) They LIVE their MISSION internally from the CEO to the Janitor! It is the businesses that take BOTH elements SERIOUSLY that reap huge BENEFITS! I have decided to follow their successful plan by implementing these TWO ELEMENTS as a WRITER. I am writing a MISSION STATEMENT that will serve as the guiding light for my WRITING – I will LIVE this MISSION in every story that I write! Yes, this is my most recent journey that I have committed to my TO-DO list, to fulfil my 2016 GOAL! Each week I search for a strategy that I have not utilized before with my writing – to push myself to GROW. My writing is “Serious Business” – it only seems logical to view a few angles of successful businesses and apply the same techniques that resulted in their benefits. Most Legends echo the same motto, “Find the people who are doing what you want to do – and follow what they are doing.”  Thus, ‘people’ can be interchangeable with ‘businesses’ – to follow as an example of success. I also like to follow different ‘industries’ to learn new trends they introduce and how I can apply their innovation to my writing. It’s a fun journey!

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Journal Writing Resolves Character Conflict In 2016

Paperblanks Old Leather Journal Midi 5In. X 7In.Good evening! Daily writing in a journal is great exercise for many writers. January is a great time to start a new journal. I decided to share my post written at the beginning of last year because I feel very inspired when I write about my journal. My journal is my favorite daily book. When I journal, I feel like I am entering the safety of an emotional cocoon, which allows me to shut off all my filters, and knock down all my defensive walls — leaving pure, honest, and raw words to flow across the pages of my journal. When I arrive at the end of my journal entry, I am always amazed at the results of allowing myself to be vulnerable to what my true emotions reveal to me through the journal process. Have you ever had one of those writing days of attempting to complete a scene — and it feels as though you (author) and your character are in direct conflict — which results in your deleting and rewriting the scene’ over-and-over’ again, as you (author) face difficulty in identifying what the conflict is? This is a perfect time to take a ‘journal break’; if you are willing to allow yourself to be exposed emotionally, then you may be able to reveal what the conflict is by the end of your journal exercise. Identifying the conflict will bring you much inspiration and encouragement to revisit the scene, resolve the conflict and watch your character perform with excellence as the scene unfolds. I invite all of you amazing writers to challenge yourself to such a journal exercise on a regular basis and observe how much inspiration it brings to your daily writing. Tell me how you recently resolved a character conflict?



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Question: Who Are You and Why Should I Read What You Write?

Good morning! Who are you and why should I read what you write? Let’s get inside the mind of a reader this morning. I have no idea why I woke up thinking about this question. – I am guessing that I must have dreamed something that correlates to this question but I cannot remember the dream. Though I did capture this lingering question that’s been holding my attention for a few hours. Writers can certainly associate with this question because, after all, we are also avid readers. As a reader we have likes and dislikes, preferences, and standards. Therefore, we have, at some point in our reading history, asked this very same question that is stored somewhere in the depths of our subconscious standing attention as we are selecting the words of another writer to allow to carve out time and pour their words into our mind. Which means that process of chosing what we allow to enter our mind must be important to us. Anything important to us, as a writer, is universally understood to be, likewise, important to our readers. We may not be able to reach every single reader on the globe – but we will reach the readers who value what our written point of view is – in that piece – because we put a ‘reality touch’ on the story. I strongly believe that if we view our writing through this lens, we have the opportunity to increase the chances of a reader stumbling across our piece and saying, “That’s important to me too! I want to hear what this writer is saying about it!” The reader decides to carve out time to read our piece and they learn who this writer is. If the reader likes the piece a lot – Viola’ – chances are high the reader will search for another piece of our work. And if we are truly blessed to have touched their heart with our piece – chances are high that they will share our piece with another reader, thus,  we will become recognized to our loyal readers as a writer who values something that is important to them. Thus their question will have been answered – they will know who we are and they will know why they want to read what we write. Happy writing!

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Planting Writing Seeds in 2016 For Increase In Results

Good morning! Planting writing seeds in 2016. I want to increase exposure to my writing in 2016. My seed is everything I happen to WRITE in 2016. My writing GOAL is to MEASURE my YIELD.  I begin 2016 in reflection on my positive writing results from last year that show my potential for writing growth. I am going to water that potential all year in every aspect of my writing.  I enjoy a challenge! It is in the process of a challenge that I see the greatest growth for myself. My very own experience and my observance of the process is the same with each challenge – the beginning, “Oh, what was I thinking!” The middle – “I don’t know if I can get through this – it’s proving to be difficult for me! – I want to quit – but, wait, I am not a quitter! – I want to see where this challenge will take me! – I must keep going to learn the results!” The end result is 99% the same, “I am very glad that I did NOT quit because I learned a valuable lesson from this challenge! – I am very pleased with my results!”  A challenge should push you to put forth ‘effort’ to complete it! Webster defines “effort: 1 the use of energy to do something 2 a try: attempt 3 a result of working or trying.” If there is NO effort then your results will not be accurate because it means that you didn’t push yourself enough. What does that mean? It means that you have to KNOW where you are before you start the challenge – mentally & physically – mark that spot! Your challenge should be – at a minimum – a mark above where you are at the beginning of the challenge. This mark will be the result of your writing growth.  Your time is valuable – you do not want to reach the end of your challenge only to discover that your writing is the same or less than when you started. Have fun planting writing seeds in 2016.

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How To Measure Writing GOALS to See Progress

Good evening! 2015 Closure! My writing GROWTH increased in 2015. Yay! Each year I measure my daily word count from January to December to answer a question I continually challenge – Did I make progress? This question motivates me to write daily. You see – I am driven by GOALS – believe me, sometimes I think I am obsessed with GOALS! I must have started my TO DO list when I was five years old. Lol. If MOM was still here, I would call her to ask if this actually did happen because I see a purse-sized notebook in all of my memories…hmmm. I still keep a notebook in my purse – it contains my daily TO DO list and to capture my thoughts. I was informed, “If you cannot measure your GOAL – it is NOT a GOAL – it must be MEASURABLE” – this was eye-opening for me! This RULE made much sense – the MEASURE shows your PROGRESS – WOW! It is very MOTIVATING to SEE progress! Another surprise I discovered in this process is that the MEASURE also adds PURPOSE to your writing – thus resulting in AUTHENTICITY.  I found many rewards in measuring my writing goals. When I reach the GOAL – I do not mark the goal complete – I simply BENCHMARK it and challenge myself to KEEP GOING by adding another element to measure that will allow me to GROW.  This method ensures that I am always making PROGRESS in my writing. At the end of every year – I review my writing results and HIGHLIGHT what I feel were my strengths and weaknesses within the year. This is the closure strategy I utilize to see PROGRESS in my writing. I would love hear from any of my fellow writers about your yearly closure method to measure your writing. Are you satisfied with your writing results of 2015? What were your writing strengths of 2015? How did you measure your writing GOALS in 2015?

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Write Current Blog Content to Survive in Profession

Good morning! “I am a WRITER!” This is how one of the writer’s in a recent workshop introduced themself. It was said with such confidence! I felt proud to be in the presence of a group of writers who love this profession as much as I do! I can remember a time, before the digital era, when people were fearful to declare themself a writer unless they earned a contract with a traditional publisher. The moment someone asks, “What do you do?” Many professions can state their TITLE because the work is common for many JOB titles – the only thing that is common in our profession is the chosen genre – therefore, when we confidently respond, “I am a WRITER!” We better be able to tell them WHAT we are NOW writing or have written very recently! Go ahead and tell them how many blog posts you published this year and how many words you finished by the end of your novel – Yep, that’s right – you have permission to SHINE! Our profession is unique! Have any of you amazing writers noticed how HIGH the expectations are for our profession? Writers cannot ride on yesterday’s accomplishments – we have to keep producing NEW material to be noteworthy. Just like our blog. We have to write a post on our blog on a regular basis or we will be forgotten. Yes, content is King, but we need to have current content or we lose our base. This is an important caveat to the digital era that we must understand and embrace to remain a credible writer. The silver lining to this caveat is that it gives us an edge in the market. We have to remain sharp in today’s writing market because we are surrounded by a very large group of amazing and confident writers around the globe. If we want to survive in today’s digital market – we must utilize our unique writing skill, strategically, by producing current content on our blog.

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