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3 Key Actions That Increase Writer Motivation

Good Evening! Let’s talk Motivation! As you know, from my previous posts, I am a huge “Zig” fan! Mr. “Ziglar” stated, “Action must precede motivation!” – This lesson he taught me, in listening to his audios for many, many years, has proven to be very valuable.  I thought that ‘motivation’ was a given in life.  If I just wake up and start my day – motivation was sure to follow – NOT!!! – I kept hearing about this “muse” that is supposed to appear to allow me to release my creativity.  An observation I captured when attending a writing event stayed with me – after realizing that it was a common pattern. During the audience response sessions – I kept hearing these same comments echoing – “I am waiting for my ‘muse‘ to appear to begin writing!”  – or – “My ‘muse‘ never showed up, so I didn’t get my story finished!”  – I had to find out, “What – or – who is this ‘muse‘? – Can I hire them?”  – When I concluded my research, I discovered that many people believe that this ‘muse‘ is supposed to magically appear and pour creative powder over writers allowing them to produce masterpieces.  – Okay – “Stop!” First, I don’t believe in ‘muses‘ – the same as I don’t believe in ‘luck‘ – I do believe in hard work! Second, what I learned ties directly to what “Zig” has taught me about Motivation! I believe that everyone has a story inside of them! I also believe that it takes skill and hard work to  – a) identify and b) release – those stories.  In my process of becoming a writer, I have put Mr. “Ziglar’s” lessons to the test – I was pleased with my discovery – I, and more experienced writers than I, apply the same basic daily rules –

3 Simple Key Actions to Motivate A Writer To Get Their Story Onto The Page:

  1. Locate a cozy writing space!
  2. Sit Down with writing tools!
  3. Write! Write! Write!

Each time I apply these 3 Key Actions – my motivation increases. I reject any excuses my daily life attempts to impose on me. I do not wait for any fictional power to appear to give me permission to do what I cannot get through a day without doing anyway – Write!  I request of you amazing writers to tap into your own creative powers – follow the 3 key actions – give in to your increased motivation – and watch how your creativity obeys your actions and allows your great stories to fill those blank white pages!!!!!

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Ziglar’s Legacy Motivates Writer

Good morning! Would I keep writing if my pieces would never be published? That is a definite “Yes!” – for me. I am a huge ZIG ZIGLAR fan. Allow me to share how I learned of Mr. ZIGLAR. While I was a student, I worked an assignment at a speaker’s convention. My position was to take book orders (back-of-the-room sales). We where stationed directly behind the speaker’s stage, gained full access to hear each speaker well, but not able to see them. I knew nothing of Mr. ZIGLAR before this assignment. I listened attentively to each speaker – feeling inspired but not really moved – until – Mr. ZIGLAR’s calm, funny, empathetic, energetic, and motivational voice echoed from the stage. I positioned myself on the edge of my seat – trying to sneak a peek at the person who was speaking the words that would transform my life from that day forward. I  promised myself to buy one of his products (if any were unsold) at the end of  my shift. Once the audience was allowed backstage – the products were ‘sold-out’ in less than an hour – gone! The very next day I rushed to the nearest bookstore and purchased one of his audio books. My direction in life changed – my expectations for myself increased – this action resulted in increased confidence in myself and more positive outcomes. All these years later, his pieces are still my top choice for motivation. Unfortunately, I never had a chance to meet Mr. ZIGLAR before his departure – but his sincerity and genuine empathy for people to set goals and take necessary action to move toward their goals is evident in the legacy he left us. He was an authentic author. He practiced what he taught – Mr. ZIGLAR had much confidence in his abilities – he knew his personal strengths and limitations well. He showed his determination when traditional publishers rejected his first book by not giving up – instead he self-published it – resulting in such huge success that he won the attention of traditional publishers. His book was very successful on both platforms, self-publishing and traditional publishing – selling over two million copies around the globe. What impressed me the most with Mr. ZIGLAR is, although he reaching financial success with his writing – profits did not appear to be were he gained joy. His writing and speaking revealed that his joy was in the ‘process’ of writing his first book, as he stated,  “…even if my book never sold one copy, I would still feel successful…” Mr. ZIGLAR shared the benefits he gained in the “process” of writing his first book. Imagine having such confidence in our own writing ability.  Mr. ZIGLAR encouraged us to have a motive of helping others. Yes – I want my books in the hands of readers – my motive is to reach their heart – to make a difference in their life – the same way Mr. ZIGLAR’s words made a difference in mine. I present my experience as a small example of how the writing process brings much pleasure – when I  click the blue “Publish” button on my Blog at the completion of a post – or when I type “The End” at the completion of a novel – if I choose to file it and never look at it again – I, too, will fill complete – because writing is filled with the joy of  knowing ourself well – which is the foundation for our ability to build a relationship with words  that allow writers the freedom to create unique stories that touch the lives of many readers and transforms our own life- thus making the journey ‘priceless’.

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